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Addiction Counselor Atlanta Andrea Bowens

About Me

I founded ABowens Drug & Alcohol Counseling  to help individuals suffering with chronic addiction. My passion stems from watching individuals and their families battle the stressors of addiction without adequate support. Families should not have to watch their loved ones suffer and too often, die. Addiction  can be treated. Recovery is possible. Sobriety is the start, not the end. With over 20 years of experience working with individuals and families, I have developed a skill for making sure that there is quality of life on the road to recovery, for everyone involved.

I look forward to meeting you soon!


  • B.S. Behavioral Science

  • Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC-II,CADC, LADC, SAP)

    • Georgia, Delaware

    • Nebraska, South Carolina 

  • 20 years experience residential, intensive, and outpatient treatment

  • 2+ years experience working with State Probation

  • Certified Trainer: Motivational Interviewing

  • Certified Facilitator: Moral Reconation Therapy 

  • Certified Facilitator: Prime Solutions Level 1

  • DOT/SAP Qualified

  • Registered DUI Clinical Evaluator/Treatment Provider

Fun Facts: 

  • If I could be an animal it would be a lioness - independent, nurturing and fierce

  • My favorite movie is The Notebook

  • I used to be a Zumba Instructor

My Approach

Are you seeking emotional freedom? Do you long for an alternative to cope with life instead of turning to drugs and alcohol? You can be free of the hold your traumas may currently have on you. You can learn to manage your emotions, your life, and your addiction. Our mission is to provide counseling services utilizing evidence based practices by interrupting self-defeating cycles and promoting restoration. 

Values include: 

  • Freedom 

  • Redemption 

  • Accountability 

  • Meaningful Second Chances

  • Empowerment

My Approach
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