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Do you need a SAP DOT  Evaluation? 

Comprehensive Evaluations for Safety Sensitive Employees

What is a DOT Evaluation?

A DOT evaluation is a mandated assessment for safety sensitive employees like pilots, CDL truck drivers, jet mechanics, flight attendants and any other professional who falls under federal random drug testing guidelines. It's designed to assess an individual's drug and alcohol history to ensure they are capable of performing their duties safely and efficiently. At ABowens Drug & Alcohol Counseling, we specialize in offering these assessments and helping to ensure that your career stays on track.

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Why Get a DOT Evaluation?

Any CDL or safety sensitive position holder who tests positive on a DOT test or refuses to take a DOT test must enroll and complete the return-to-duty-process. You will begin by participating in a Clinical SAP Evaluation by a DOT qualified SAP (Substance Abuse Professional). We know how important your career is to you and we can help you get back to work safely and promptly. 

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What Can You Expect from ABowens Drug & Alcohol Counseling?

When you come to ABowens Drug & Alcohol Counseling for a DOT evaluation, you can expect to be welcomed by our knowledgeable and experienced staff. We understand the importance of these assessments and strive to provide you with the best service possible. Our team will work with you to ensure that the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible, so you can have the confidence that your evaluation is accurate and up to date. We are also registered with the Clearinghouse. 

What is the SAP Evaluation process?

Step 1: Secure a designated SAP

Step 2: Meet with SAP for initial clinical evaluation

Step 3: Follow recommendations for treatment and education

Step 4: Become reassessed by SAP

Step 5: Provide negative return-to-duty test results

Step 6: Return to Work!

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