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Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Counseling

Provides ASAM Level 1 drug and alcohol counseling to individuals, couples, and families referred by the criminal courts, probation,  family courts, or self-referrals.

  • Focus: Drug and alcohol education, relapse prevention, and positive coping skills

  • Format: Individuals, couples, and families

  • Duration: Generally 1-2 one hour sessions per week

Group Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Counseling

This service is for groups

  • Focus: Develop self-awareness, accountability, and reflection 

  • Format: On average 8 - 10 group members

  • Duration: Generally 1 three hour session per week and one individual session

Drug & Alcohol Evaluations

Comprehensive drug and alcohol evaluations for court proceedings, employers, case workers, probation officers, Department of Transportation (DOT) and self-referrals

  • In-depth, two-hour interview

  • Interviewing of two or more collateral sources

  • Report utilizes ASAM Criteria and  DSM-5 diagnosis 

Expert Testimony 

Expert testimony for criminal and family court matters related to drug and alcohol concerns

  • Over two years experience testifying regarding evaluation, treatment plan for continuity of care, outcomes, and recommendations  

  • Experience defending drug and alcohol placements

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills

My Approach
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